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WorldQuant Challenge

The WorldQuant Challenge gives curious and strategic-minded individuals the opportunity to learn about quantitative finance, compete with global participants and potentially earn a Research Consultant position at WorldQuant, a quantitative asset management firm. The WorldQuant Challenge not only teaches quantitative finance — it puts it into action.

Join the Challenge

Are you up for the Challenge? Here's how you'll learn to build and implement high-quality signals — what we call Alphas.

Step 1:

Register for a new account, view the Getting Started page and begin building Alphas.

Step 2:

Enter Alphas in the competition and receive advanced training.

Step 3:

Expand your skillset and potentially earn a Research Consultant opportunity.

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LEARN and EARN through the WorldQuant Challenge Summer Alphathon!

Summer is a great time to apply your quantitative skills and WorldQuant is currently offering a unique opportunity to do so through our Summer Alphathon, which is part of the WorldQuant Challenge.

The WorldQuant Challenge provides interested candidates with an opportunity to test their trading ideas and strategies using WebSim, WorldQuant’s web-based market simulator.

Summer Program

We are always seeking inquisitive Engineering, Science, Mathematics, or Finance majors to join our quantitative research summer program. Candidates do not need to have prior financial experience, simply a strong interest in learning about global financial markets.

We are starting our selection process for 2018 summer program early! Please register now to get a head start on it. For details on the competition and selection process, please click on the link below.



Learning Opportunities

Once you enroll, you’ll be presented with regular opportunities to learn about quantitative finance and implement your ideas. As you progress through the Challenge, you will advance through various stages — each offering distinct educational resources.

Learn more about your path to success.



Learn about the financial market, work with basic stock pricing and volume data, perform simulations, interpret results and learn how to convert ideas to Alphas.



Receive training that will help you understand Alpha quality and avoid common pitfalls such as overfitting ideas and data mining.



Study how to combine a firm’s fundamental data and analyst estimates with a stock’s price and volume data to build even better predictive signals.



Improve Alphas through exclusive access to instructions on how to integrate nontraditional data sets and implement advanced Alpha-building methods using Python.