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WorldQuant 中国量化研究暑期实习生项目



•    量化金融基础知识、建模和股价走向预测相关的培训课程或研讨会
•    实习期间由优秀的研究员担任导师
•    使用我们的股票研究仿真系统 (WebSim),开发量化金融模型 (alpha)
•    帮助工程和科学类专业学生步入金融行业的机会
•    实习结束后可有机会成为签约量化研究顾问,并有机会加入全球量化研究项目、获得访问非传统数据的权限、参加高阶培训等

•    分析多种金融市场数据
•    创建以预测金融市场走向为目的的计算机模型

•    国内重点大学本科在读或以上学历,工程、科学、数学、金融或其他数量分析类专业学生,且毕业时间晚于2017年8月31日
•    中国公民
•    对金融市场有强烈的学习兴趣


1.    注册 WebSim 账户。申请新账户时请完整填写个人的学术背景。
2.    登录 WebSim,同意接受 Challenge Guidelines,暨中国大陆地区暑期实习生选拔。
3.    浏览“入门(Get Started)”栏目的相关帮助文档,观看培训视频并开始创建alpha。
4.    参与线上和线下培训及研讨会
5.    我们将综合考虑申请者在 WebSim 上的alpha得分、学术背景等遴选实习生。Spring Alphathon 中国大陆地区(CN)最终分数超过10000分(含),或alpha综合表现优异的中国大陆区候选人将被择优录取。
6.    依据 Spring Alphathon Guidelines,实习生在获得相应分数级别后,可有机会在实习项目结束后成为量化研究顾问并可于签约时获得 Spring Alphathon 一次性特别奖金。
7.    分数的计算将基于申请者2017年5月24日前所提交的所有alpha。
8.    通过选拔的候选人将于5月收到实习通知,正式实习前需通过背景调查。

我们将开展线上和线下宣讲会。宣讲日历中列有宣讲会安排,点此 进入宣讲日历。


WorldQuant China Quantitative Research Summer Internship

We are seeking Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Finance majors to participate in our quantitative research summer internship. Candidates need not have prior knowledge of financial markets, but must have a strong interest in learning about them. Interns will be working with a team of experienced researchers to explore the quantitative finance world. 

Outstanding Learning Opportunities:

  • Training classes / seminars about fundamentals of quantitative finance research, modeling and stock price movement prediction
  • An accomplished researcher will be an advisor who will guide and coach you during internship
  • Access to our stock simulation system (WebSim) that you can use to develop your quantitative financial models (alphas)
  • Opportunity for students in engineering and science to break into the financial industry
  • Opportunity to potentially be considered for a subsequent Research Consultant role and participate in opportunities available to consultants like Global Research Projects, access to non-traditional datasets, optional trainings, among other things.

Responsibilities (includes, but not limited to the following):

  • Analyze various types of financial market data
  • Create computer-based models that seek to predict the movements of financial markets

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Working toward a Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree from a leading university in Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Finance or any other related field that is highly analytical and quantitative, with an anticipated graduation date after August 31, 2017
  • Internship opportunities are open to Chinese citizens only 
  • Have a strong interest in learning about financial markets

Successful candidates will work in our research office in Beijing. Interns will be paid a stipend for the duration of their internship.


Internship Application and Intern selection process:

  1. Register for a WebSim account. Please make sure to fill out your academic profile when applying for a new account.
  2. On logging into WebSim, please accept the challenge guidelines to confirm your interest in being considered for Challenge / the Spring Alphathon, which serves as part of the selection process for this Summer Internship program.
  3. View the “Get Started” section of the help documentation, watch recorded training videos and start building alphas.
  4. Attend online and onsite training sessions / seminars.
  5. Selection of candidates will be done on the basis of their score in building alphas within WebSim and their academic profile, among other things. Internship candidates in the mainland China region (CN) who achieve a final score in the Spring Alphathon equal to or higher than 10000, or who otherwise have outstanding alpha performance during the Spring Alphathon, will be preferred.
  6. Interns who reach the relevant score attainment level during the Spring Alphathon in accordance with the Spring Alphathon guidelines will be considered for a one-time stipend in the event they become research consultants subsequent to the summer internship.
  7. We will consider all alphas submitted by May 24, 2017 for score based selection of interns.
  8. Interns will be notified in May of their selection and will have to go through a background check before being offered Internship positions.

Information Session Schedule

We will be conducting onsite and web based session to share information about the internship program. Please attend one of the sessions listed in the Calendar. You can access the calendar by clicking here.